Fractional High-Value Assets

We work with clients looking to fractionalize high-value, illiquid, real-world assets including sports ownership, real estate, corporate equities, debt, commodities and other financial derivatives using blockchain technology.

Real Estate Assets

Fractionalizing real world tangible assets including real estate.

Real estate assets including real estate funds, private REITs, land, and building ownership can benefit greatly from the improved efficiency, transparency, liquidity, and fractional ownership possibilities of blockchains. In addition to private securities regulations, real estate assets have unique and complex legal and tax requirements more easily managed using fractional asset management.

Corporate Equity

Corporate equity traditionally owned through exchanges or funds.

By making equity ownership tokenized, an investor can move from the world of certificates and trusted intermediaries to the digital disintermediated world of the blockchain. Holding ownership of assets by virtue of holding tokens or trading them can become simple and efficient.

Sports & Gaming

Gamification and incentiviation opportunities for token-based ecosystems.

The ability to tokenize in-game/fan assets both in the real world and virtual will change gaming forever. This transformation will lead to fan into purchasing gaming assets for purposes other than watching or playing the game itself while still retaining the consumptive value within a given fan ecosystem.

Financial Instruments

Tokenization of assets such as bonds, debt, commodities and other financial derivatives.

The use of a blockchain to match willing sellers of securities offered by a company to willing buyers of securities who wish to purchase them in more efficient means. Using a fractional approach to the issuance of new securities increases liquidity and the overall market making previously high value illiquid assets available to a broader group of buyers.

Why Tokenizing Asset-Backed Securities are the Future.

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