Fractional High-Value Assets

Fractional ownership and experiences for high-value assets with passionate stakeholders,
to maximize the asset value and fan engagement.


Dictate and manage level of access & opportunity, such as merchandise or ticket discounts and VIP events.


Digital assets can be used as a method of payment for tickets, concessions, merchandise and special access / experiences.


Earn digital rewards for participation in team / fan interactions such as fan challenges, social media & voting.


Platform enables wider ownership including yield, voting or other complex rights **Subject to regulatory and league rules /approvals**

Sports & eSports

Ownership, engagement and incentivization opportunities for teams, athletes and leagues.

The ability to tokenize team ownership, in-game and fan assets both in the real world and virtual, will change how we can participate in sports and teams forever. This transformation will lead to a much wider base of stakeholders and fans into purchasing sports and gaming assets while still retaining the consumptive value within a given team and fan ecosystem.

Film & Entertainment

Film, TV and Music.

The stakeholders, platforms and power structures continue to evolve rapidly in the world of entertainment. The balance of control is shifting between the hands of producers, distributors, directors, actors, and viewers, disrupting the way entertainment projects are financed, distributed, rights are managed, and how profits are distributed. Tokenization will facilitate all such aspects of the process while enhancing the participation in the entertainment experience as an stakeholder and a fan.

Why Fractional High Value Assets Are The Future.