Fractional & F1 Driver Pierre Gasly Announce Crypto Gaming Partnership

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July 18, 2018

Fractional & F1 Driver Pierre Gasly Announce Crypto Gaming Partnership

Saint-Saëns, France, Nyon, Switzerland, Bridgetown, Barbados

Fraction/al, a platform, and services focused on the tokenization and gamification of sports teams, organizations, and players using blockchain technology, is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement with the star Formula One (“F1”) driver, Pierre Gasly. The Pierre Gasly crypto-enabled racing garage (“Gasly Racing Garage”) Gasly Racing Garage will be the first blockchain based game with crypto collectibles for a professional race car driver. The platform will provide an enhanced experience and wider access for fans and sponsors, with unique utility, collectibility, and tradability. The Gasly Racing Garage will further bolster his personal brand and enable direct access between Gasly and his fans and sponsors using his own digital crypto-enabled virtual experience.

22-year-old French Formula One Driver, Pierre Gasly will join Aston Martin Red Bull Racing for the upcoming 2019 season. Lining up alongside fellow Red Bull Junior Programme alumni, Max Verstappen, Pierre joins the team for what’s set to be a dynamic young line up for the 4-time Constructors Championship winning team.

Commenting on the upcoming launch of the Gasly Racing Garage expected in February 2019, Gasly said: “I am very excited to be the first professional driver to use blockchain and gaming technology to take engaging with global racing fans to a whole new level.”

The Gasly Racing Garage will be at the heart of the Pierre Gasly brand and his racing eco-system as it drives fan connection and sponsorship relationships. The launch will make Pierre the first crypto ambassador for racing experiences and utility. The coin, digital game, and related collectibles will introduce new audiences to Gasly and F1, while creating a broader and loyal fan base that attracts the top supporters and sponsors both in and out of the sport, from around the world.

“Combining blockchain technology, gaming and sports provide an avenue to create new ways of engagement and new sources of value not possible before. We are very excited to be working with Pierre Gasly to break new ground in this exciting project” said Fraction/al Co-founder and CEO, Reuven Cohen.

Fraction/al works with sports teams, organizations and players looking to create their own crypto-asset, to unlock the value of their personal brands and goodwill by connecting with fans, sponsors and the wider crypto-community. Tokens, games and collectibles focused on sports provide exclusive opportunities, enhanced access and tradability supporting their value while heightening the fan relationship with teams, organizations, and players.

Since 2007, Actif Service Management Sàrl (“ASM”) and Pierre Fragniere have been successfully managing a number of Formula One champions through their organization.  In 2012, ASM was given the opportunity and responsibility to begin working with a very promising and talented young driver, Pierre Gasly. The partnership between ASM and Pierre Gasly has been tremendous, with both parties having the same objectives and motivations. Together, they have achieved the highest levels in the Formula One world, with another significant milestone reached for the 2019 season, becoming part of the outstanding and prestigious Red Bull Formula One Racing Team.

Additional information about the launch:

Access & Experiences: Tokens and collectibles owned dictate the level of access & opportunity.

  • Early Token and Collectible Purchase Rewards
  • Ticket & Merchandise Discounts
  • Player Meet & Greets
  • VIP Parties & Events
  • Limited Edition Real-World & Digital Collectibles

Loyalty & Rewards: Earn and buy tokens and collectibles for the various team, player, fan and sponsor interactions.

  • Spending and Gaming Rewards
  • Social Media Interactions
  • Participation Rewards
  • Various Fan Incentives

Game Experience & Engagement: Digital games and collectibles featuring your favourite drivers, cars, teams, pit crews and race circuits.

  • Build your collection by buying & trading powerful and special edition collectibles
  • Set a racing strategy, build a racing collection & compete with other fans & friends  
  • Compete in thrilling races on digital and real-world circuits to advance your career
  • Earn points and rewards to build your collection through purchasing and game interactions

Blockchain’s first Racing Focused E-Sport: Powerful combination of racing, gamification and unique crypto-enabled features.

  • Gasly’s Racing Garage will have  a huge focus on competitive play
  • The E-Sport World Championship has wide global reach and a growing prize pools
  • Exclusive access through the digital Championship Ticket


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